Sinalgo - Simulator for Network Algorithms

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the logging mechanism work?
Please refer to the Tools section of the tutorial.
I got an error with the fonts while exporting the network graph to a pdf. (ErrorCode 666)
If you use the epstopdf conversion tool, it is likely that this tool did not complete properly because some fonts could not be found on your system. This could be due to a corrupt instatlation of your fonts or, if you have MikTex2.5 installed and are running the epstopdf command, to a known bug in MikTex2.5. The problem comes from the Fontmap.MiKTeX file where some entries (like /NimbusMonL-Regu used for Courier) point to type1/urw/urwstd/ucrr8a.pfb which does not exist anymore in MikTex2.5. Either download the file from the net and extract the missing files to the appropriate folder or correct the wrong path entries (the files are all there but the folderstructure has changed since 2.4).
The execution slows down and finally fails with an OutOfMemoryException.
When Sinalgo simulates large networks with many connections and many nodes, it requires an appropriate amount of memory to store the objects representing the nodes, edges, and messages. Refer to the Execution section of the tutorial for instructions on how to increase the amount of memory Sinalgo may use.

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