Sinalgo - Simulator for Network Algorithms

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Getting Started

This tutorial gives you a brief introduction to Sinalgo. It covers details from the installation process to a detailed look into the clockwork of Sinalgo.

Running a simulation is actually quite easy. The real difficulty is to understand what one has simulated, and to interpret the obtained results in this context. With this in mind, we hope to give you enough information to not only understand how you can use this simulation framework, but also understand on a high level how the simulation executes. For this purpose, we have added a section Architecture that gives an insight into the clockwork of Sinalgo.

Roadmap of this Tutorial

  • We start with some information on how to setup Sinalgo on your machine. Don't worry, it's quite easy.
  • The Execution section describes the different ways to start Sinalgo, as well as the command-line arguments to pre-configure Sinalgo.
  • In the Projects section, we describe how you can add your own project to Sinalgo...
  • ... and how to implement the desired behavior.
  • The Configuration section shows how you can configure the framework to your needs, and also add your project-specific configuration settings.
  • Don't miss the Tools page! It contains many hints on how to use the framework and describes the tools Sinalgo already provides.
  • Finally, some information on how Sinalgo works is given in the Architecture section.

Printable Version of this Tutorial

If you wisth to print the entire tutorial, try the All-in-One Tutorial, which contains all sections of the tutorial on a single website. To print some pages of this tutorial, click on the Printable Version link on top of each site to get a printer friendly version of the page.

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