benG - An Android Benchmarking Tool for Professional Reviewers

Android is dominating the smartphone market these days and a wide range of devices differing in both hardware and software are available on the market. Professional reviewers and websites try to compare and rank them to help users in their decision-making process. Many apps to benchmark phones already exist. In contrast to them, benG was developed as a desktop program that benchmarks phones. Its focus is set on real-world benchmarking in the sense that its tests have been developed to reflect the experience of the user when interacting with his phone. Furthermore, one can also automate the execution of existing benchmarking apps to automate the reviewing process even further.

How to use

First, it is important to provide the necessary data paths on the first start of the application. This will ensure that the application is indeed able to communicate with the device. Google's Android SDK-Platform-Tools are required for the application to work properly. Furthermore, the application needs to store some data on the computer. For this, a path to the desired storage folder is required as well.

If those configurations are set, the tests to execute can be configured in the 'Tests'-Tab. More information about the tests themselves can be found there as well. You need to enable the developer options and USB debugging. The phone needs to be connected via USB and the screen has to be unlocked. Then the tests can be started.

When finished, the results can be viewed in detail. Saving the tests will automatically export data as a csv-files and screenshots for easy integration into your existing workflow.

Try it now

benG is still under development and we are looking for feedback, and as such happy to provide you with the App. Contact us if you are interested. Currently, benG is available for Mac OSX. If you are interested in using it on Linux or Windows, write us and if enough voices are raised, we consider porting it.