Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Computer and Network Laboratory (TIK Fachpraktikum) (FS 2016)

This lab series is loosely based on the Computer Engineering 2 lecture. You will learn to code in six exciting afternoons. After this series you will have a better understanding of how networks work by programming your own networked software. You will learn how to crawl data from the Internet and process that data in a database. You will learn how to synchronize threads, and how to debug a program, even at the level of machine code. And you will become the master of your machine with powerful shell commands and source control tools. When it comes to learning to code, it's learning by doing.

Lab language: German or English.

Lab organization: Laura Peer, Friday 13-17 or Tuesday 13-17 @ ETF B 5

Lab sign-up: Please sign up in advance using the sign-up sheet


Date Tuesday Friday
4.3.16 Bash & Git
8.3.16 Bash & Git
18.3.16 Sockets & Shotgun
22.3.16 Sockets & Shotgun
8.4.16 Mario Kart Disassembly
12.4.16 Mario Kart Disassembly
22.4.16 Name That Movie
26.4.16 Name That Movie
20.5.16 Parallelization in Minecraft
24.5.16 Parallelization in Minecraft