Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

MICS Summer School 2004

ETH Zurich, Switzerland, June 30 - July 4, 2004

Welcome to the information and registration site of the MICS Summer School 2004. The school consists of two parts:

Part 1: Systems (Michael Franklin and Wei Hong)
Part 2: Algorithms (Rajmohan Rajaraman and Andrea Richa)

Download the slides of Andrea Richa and Rajmohan Rajaraman, and the bibliography of Andrea Richa and Rajmohan Rajaraman. Download the slides of Wei Hong and Michael Franklin.


  Morning Session Afternoon Session
Wed, June 30 Systems (10am* – 1pm) Algorithms (2.30pm – 6pm)
Thu, July 1 Systems (9am – 12.30pm) Algorithms (2pm – 5.30pm)
Fri, July 2 Systems (9am – 12.30pm) Algorithms (2pm – 5.30pm)
Sat, July 3 Systems (9am – 12.30pm) Algorithms (2pm – 5.30pm)
Sun, July 4 Systems (9am – 12.30pm) Free Time

*Please note that the late starting time on Wednesday allows students to arrive in Zurich without staying for an additional night (e.g. take the train departing from Lausanne at 7.27am).

All sessions include a coffee break; all meals are on your own.

All lectures will be in the HRS building of ETH Zurich, room F5. The HRS building is located near the "Central" square, less than a five minute walk from the main train station ("Zurich HB"). Please consult the local map for more information.

Hotel reservations will be organized by us. We will try to reserve rooms in close-by downtown hotels, such as this one.

For more details, please see the in-depth descriptions of the Systems and/or Algorithms parts.

Doctoral students at ETH Zurich can obtain one credit for each track, subject to approval by their doctoral advisor. Doctorals students from other institutions should check with their administration.

Please register as soon as possible. Extended Registration Deadline: May 27th.

If you have any questions regarding the MICS Summer School or your registration, please contact Heidy Schümperlin.

Please note that you will not receive a confirmation email concerning your registration. In case of a problem you will be contacted, though.


Part 1: Systems Yes, please.
Part 2: Algorithms Yes, please.
Affiliation (ETH, EPFL, etc.):
MICS member: Yes      No
If yes? IP No:
Arrival date:
Departure date:
Accomodation Single room (about Fr. 140/night)
Double room (about Fr. 90/night)
Youth Hostel (about Fr. 50/night)
I don't need accomodation.
Sharing room with:
Additional requirements or comments