Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Sebastian Brandt

Sebastian Brandt

Distributed Computing Group
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK)
Department Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)
Office ETZ G 61.4
ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich

phone+41 44 63 27730
fax+41 44 63 21035


Theses & Labs

Past Theses & Labs

Exploring the Unknown: An Agent in Graphland [confidential]BSebastian BrandtFS 17
Online Graph Construction with Reinforcement Learning [confidential]SSebastian Brandt,
Yuyi Wang
FS 17
Cops and RobbersBSebastian Brandt,
Georg Bachmeier
HS 16
Online Graph ExplorationSSebastian BrandtHS 16
Collaborative Graph Evacuation [confidential]BKlaus-Tycho Förster,
Sebastian Brandt
FS 16
Army of Two [confidential]BSebastian Brandt,
David Stolz
HS 15
Dominating the Stone Age [confidential]MSebastian Brandt,
Jara Uitto
FS 15
Graph Exploration [confidential]BKlaus-Tycho Förster,
Sebastian Brandt
FS 15
New Bounds for Distributed Problems [confidential]MJochen Seidel,
Sebastian Brandt
FS 15
Parallel Computing with DNASJochen Seidel,
Sebastian Brandt
FS 15
Parallel Computing with DNA [confidential]SJochen Seidel,
Sebastian Brandt
HS 14