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Here are my favorite videos, a new one each month!

January 2023

It's Davos time again!! By 2023, it seems pretty obvious that Davos is a textbook Orwellian organization. So why does the media talk about Davos? Why does nobody boycott the Davos sponsors? And why are so many scientists attending Davos? If Davos asks you to attend, just say no! (The video below is a classic exchange with the head Davos guy from the Netherlands.)

December 2022

Finishing the year with a popular music education video by Trash Theory.

November 2022

Dave Chappelle was low on my list for people risking to getting cancelled. But here we are. Where does this end? With Jon Stewart? (Here is Jon's excellent response to Dave's bit.)

October 2022

Flipping the Computational Thinking class, and as a result, we are producing tons of short videos. Here is the official Youtube channel. Below is a Halloween version of one of our videos. (And here is another one.)

September 2022

Björk is simply stunning.

August 2022

Alex G's new album is out. Some of the most excellent but understated songwriting we can have today.

July 2022

Tons of fun videos at Foil Arms and Hog.

June 2022

This video has aged well.

May 2022

My first tape on repeat, and my first concert: Depeche Mode. RIP, Fletch.

April 2022

Mr. Bean gets it.

March 2022

The new album by Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul is so much fun. Every track is a banger. The whole album with lyrics can be found here.

February 2022

The world would be a better place if no politician was allowed to stay in office for more than one term. It gets to their head, and as this video shows, so much more than just that. One of the best things in Switzerland is that the president is pretty much a random and unknown minister that changes every year. Switzerland should limit the term as minister to at most 7 years.

January 2022

B99, the show our whole family could agree on.

Earlier Videos

I started this one video each month tradition in January 2010. You will find the early years here.