Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Yvonne Anne Pignolet (-Oswald)

Yvonne Anne Pignolet (-Oswald)
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Theses & Labs

Past Theses & Labs

Distributed Wireless Singlehop Network Monitoring [confidential]SYvonne-Anne Pignolet-Oswald,
Jasmin Smula
FS 09
Speed Dating despite Jammers [confidential]MYvonne-Anne Pignolet-Oswald,
Stefan Schmid
FS 08
Online Information and ACK AggregationMStefan Schmid,
Yvonne-Anne Pignolet-Oswald
SS 07
Word of MouthMYvonne-Anne Pignolet-OswaldSS 07
Game Theory: (Byzantine) Potential in GamesDYvonne-Anne Pignolet-Oswald,
Stefan Schmid
WS 07
Virus Inoculation on Social Graphs - The Friendship FactorSYvonne-Anne Pignolet-Oswald,
Stefan Schmid
WS 07