Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Coding Algorithms for a Scavenger Hunt (FS 2024)

This P&S provides insights into various topics and challenges in the form of a scavenger hunt. In a practical and interactive session, you solve challenging tasks by coming up with innovative approaches and algorithms. This will require you to think outside the box, to implement and test ideas in Python code, and to learn how to use technical tools for rapid development.

In this lab, you can learn about various topics such as cryptography, game theory, algorithm design, and Python coding. After attending this course, you should be better equipped to tackle unfamiliar problems - gaining the necessary background and applying the right technical expertise to solve such problems in practice.

Prerequisites This course has prerequsites: (1) Students should be able to write python code. Attending the Computational Thinking lecture is enough. We expect students to understand the basics of Python (e.g., lists, control structures, functions) and be able to implement ideas in code. Specifically, understanding the concepts of this Python Cheat Sheet is a must.

Sessions In each session, students work independently or in small groups to solve challenges given by the scavenger hunt. In a Python notebook, the challenges are introduced and students need to come up with the appropriate solution and implement it with code. There are going to be TAs present at every session, answering students' questions and providing guidance where necessary.

Attendance Attendance is mandatory. Unexcused absences will result in failing the lab. If you have a good excuse why you cannot attend a session (e.g., doctor's note, military service), send an email to Susann Arreghini.

Challenge Winners The top submissions for each challenge receive a small reward. Winners will be contacted directly.

Time Tuesday 14.05.2024 & Tuesday 21.05.2024, 13:00-17:00. Please be on time and sign in, or your attendance will not be counted. The session lasts until 17:00. If you would like to leave early, you must show your completed challenges to a TA. If you leave early without having your notebook checked by a TA, your attendance will not be counted.

Place HG E22

Language English

Registration Link link is now closed. However we still have a few spots left. Please contact Joël Mathys if you would like to attend.

Hardware Bring your preferred coding device. No local software codings installations are required, connection to the internet should be sufficient.

Passing Requirements TBA



Lab Date Material Colab TA Session TAs
Challenge Session I 14th of May Colab Notebook TBA Joël Mathys Joël Mathys
Challenge Session II 21st of May Colab Notebook TBA Joël Mathys Joël Mathys