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I am writing popular articles for the ETH Zukunftsblog and various newspapers. Here is a selection:

Sep 2021 Ich vermute, dass Bargeld sterben wird (German, Interview, Investorama)
Aug 2021 ETH-Professor über grüne Kryptowährungen (German, Article based on interview, NZZ)
Jun 2021 E-Franc Perfect for Cash (English, Video interview, Finews)
Apr 2021 Bargeld ist out (Swiss German, Podcast, Blick)
Feb 2021 Call for transparency English German (ETH Blog)
Aug 2020 Cash is dead, long live CBDC English German 2021-Update (ETH Blog)
Mar 2020 Corona Countermeasures Kill the Economy (English)
Sep 2019 Elected as one of 100 Digital Shapers (German, Bilanz)
Aug 2019 Wann lohnt sich der Einsatz von Blockchains? (German, Interview, Electro Suisse)
Apr 2019 Blockchain ‒ Nur ein Hype oder Lösung für alles? (German only, Interview, BMWi Germany, fun photo mix-up)
Jun 2019 Cash, card or crypto? English German (ETH Blog)
Sep 2018 Ambrosus Who is Who: An Interview with Prof Roger Wattenhofer (English, Interview, Ambrosus)
Aug 2018 What Switzerland can learn from Amazon English German (ETH Blog)
Aug 2018 My Ranking of Computer Science and Information Technology Universities and Research Labs (English only)
May 2018 Democracy 3.0 English German (ETH Blog)
Feb 2018 Der Hype wird abflauen (German only, Interview Strom online)
Feb 2018 AlphaZero just wants to play! English German (ETH Blog)
Dec 2017 Bitcoin könnte gut verboten werden (German, Interview, Sonntagszeitung)
Nov 2017 Diskussion No Billag (German only)
Sep 2017 Blockchain has been hyped up English German (Interview, ETH Blog)