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I am writing popular articles for the ETH Zukunftsblog and various newspapers. Here is a selection:

Apr 2021: Bargeld ist out (Swiss German podcast)
Feb 2021: Call for transparency English German
Aug 2020: Cash is dead, long live CBDC English German 2021-Update
Mar 2020: Corona Countermeasures Kill the Economy (English only)
Sep 2019: Elected as one of 100 Digital Shapers (German only)
Aug 2019: Interview: Wann lohnt sich der Einsatz von Blockchains? (German only)
Apr 2019: Interview: Blockchain ‒ Nur ein Hype oder Lösung für alles? (German only, fun photo mix-up)
Jun 2019: Cash, card or crypto? English German
Sep 2018: Interview: Ambrosus Who is Who: An Interview with Prof Roger Wattenhofer (English only)
Aug 2018: What Switzerland can learn from Amazon English German
Aug 2018: My Ranking of Computer Science and Information Technology Universities and Research Labs
May 2018: Democracy 3.0 English German
Feb 2018: Interview: Der Hype wird abflauen (German only)
Feb 2018: AlphaZero just wants to play! English German
Dec 2017: Interview: Bitcoin könnte gut verboten werden (German only)
Nov 2017: Diskussion No Billag (German only)
Sep 2017: Interview: Blockchain has been hyped up English German