Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Zhao Meng

Zhao Meng

Distributed Computing Group
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK)
Department Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)
Office ETZ G 60.1
ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich

phone+41 44 63 27730
fax+41 44 63 21036


Theses & Labs

Available Theses & Labs

Adversarial Attack on Decentralized Financial SystemMZhao Mengavailable
Augmenting Language Models for Commonsense GenerationM/SZhao Mengavailable
Blockchain Meets Graph Neural NetworksB/M/SZhao Mengavailable
Building Deep Learning Models for Dynamic GraphsB/M/SZhao Mengavailable
Self-Supervised Temporal Question Generation and AnsweringB/M/SZhao Mengavailable

Current Theses & Labs

Dense Passage Retrieval for Multi-Hop Open-Domain Question AnsweringBZhao MengHS 22
Conflict Prediction with Social Media DataMZhao MengFS 22
Contrastive Learning for GraphsSKarolis Martinkus,
Zhao Meng
FS 22
Improving Multi-hop Question Answering with Noisy Label TrainingMZhao MengFS 22
AI in FinanceBZhao MengHS 21
Multi-Hop Question AnsweringSZhao MengHS 21

Past Theses & Labs

Deep Neural Network-based Voting AssistantBZhao MengHS 21
Contrastive Learning for Programming LanguagesBZhao MengHS 21
Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Algorithmic TradingSZhao MengHS 21
Using Affordances to Understand Fan-Idol Interaction on Social Media [confidential]SYe Wang,
Zhao Meng
HS 21
Can Computer Understand Chinese Internet Slang?SYe Wang,
Zhao Meng
HS 21
Self-Supervised Contrastive Learning with Adversarial Perturbations for Robust Pretrained Language ModelsMZhao MengFS 21
RMCL : A Robust Multimodal Contrastive Learning Framework [confidential]MZhao MengFS 21
KM-BART: Knowledge Enhanced Multimodal BART for Visual Commonsense Generation [confidential]MZhao MengFS 21
BERT is Robust! A Case Against Synonym-Based Adversarial Examples in Text ClassificationMZhao Meng,
Damian Pascual
FS 21
Towards Robust Graph Contrastive Learning [confidential]SLukas Faber,
Zhao Meng
HS 20
DyR-MLP: a Dynamic Routing MLP Model for Temporal Knowledge Graph [confidential]MZhao MengHS 20
Deep Learning for Text Attribute Transfer on Auto Encoder ModelsBZhao Meng,
Damian Pascual
HS 20
Event-centric Forecasting on Temporal Knowledge Graph with TransformerSZhao MengHS 20
Emoji for Natural Language ProcessingMYe Wang,
Zhao Meng
HS 20
How Faithful Are Current Vision Language Navigation Models: A Study on R2R and R4R DatasetsSZhao MengFS 20