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Christian Decker
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Theses & Labs

Past Theses & Labs

Help the Bitcoin Community Reach ConsensusSChristian DeckerHS 15
Mesh networking with BitcoinSChristian DeckerHS 15
Data-Driven De-Anonymization in Bitcoin [confidential]MChristian DeckerFS 15
Exploiting Bitcoin`s Topology for Double-spend AttacksBChristian DeckerFS 15
Routing Scalable Bitcoin PaymentsBChristian DeckerFS 15
Towards Datamarkets with Bitcoin [confidential]MChristian Decker,
Laura Peer
FS 15
A Faster Bitcoin NetworkSChristian DeckerHS 14
Making Bitcoin Exchanges Truly Transparent [confidential]SChristian Decker,
Jochen Seidel
HS 14
Mapping the PastSChristian Decker,
Barbara Keller
HS 14
Torrent Recommendation System Based on Data Gathered from the Mainline DHTBChristian DeckerHS 14
A Torrent Recommender based on DHT CrawlingBChristian DeckerHS 14
Optimized Distributed Network Traffic Monitoring in Global Networks [confidential]MChristian DeckerFS 14
Blue Wallet: A Bitcoin Hardware Token and Electronic Wallet [confidential]MChristian Decker,
Samuel Welten
HS 13
Paying your Internet, One Byte at a TimeSChristian DeckerHS 13
What is in a Transaction? A Structural Analysis of Bitcoin Transactions [confidential]BChristian Decker,
Klaus-Tycho Förster
HS 13
Fraud Prevention and Detection in Mobile Payments [confidential]MChristian DeckerHS 12
Have a Break! Pay with Bitcoin [confidential]GChristian Decker,
Samuel Welten
HS 12,
Tampering with Distributed Hash TablesMJochen Seidel,
Christian Decker
HS 12