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Johannes Schneider

Johannes Schneider


Theses & Labs

Past Theses & Labs

Energy Harvesting Wireless Anemometer [confidential]SJohannes Schneider,
Philipp Sommer
FS 11
Distributed Graph ColoringSJohannes SchneiderFS 11
Let your friends and mobile phone help youSJohannes SchneiderFS 11
Localizing Your Smart PhoneSJohannes SchneiderFS 11
Death to BalloonsSJohannes Schneider,
Samuel Welten
FS 11
Smart (Collaborative) Control [confidential]BJohannes SchneiderFS 11
A wireless real-time network for roller coasters [confidential]SJohannes Schneider,
Philipp Sommer
HS 10
Analysis of Sleeping Patterns Using Smartphone SensorsSJohannes SchneiderHS 10,
Localization of (moving) objectsSJohannes SchneiderHS 10
Phased STM [confidential]SJohannes SchneiderHS 10
A Wireless System to Measure Oscillations of Cable-Cars and Chair-Lifts [confidential]MJohannes Schneider,
Philipp Sommer
FS 10
Design of an Energy Harvesting Network Node for Wind MeasurementSJohannes Schneider,
Philipp Sommer
FS 10
Faster Parallel DatastructuresSJohannes SchneiderHS 09
Development/Simulation Of Algorithms For Wireless Networks [confidential]SJohannes SchneiderHS 08
Make Multicore Systems Easily Programmable - With Focus on Contention Management [confidential]SJohannes SchneiderHS 08