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Remo Meier

Remo Meier


Theses & Labs

Past Theses & Labs

Self-Sovereign Identities in CardossierMRoger Wattenhofer,
Remo Meier
HS 18
Mobile Peer-to-Peer Audio StreamingBRemo MeierFS 11
Live Audio Streaming in Mobile Peer-to-Peer SystemsMRemo MeierFS 11
Multicast-enabled Peer-to-Peer Systems [confidential]MRemo MeierFS 11
Peer to Peer and Mobile Systems SupportSRemo MeierFS 11
Topology-Aware Peer-to-Peer Systems [confidential]BRemo MeierFS 11
On-Demand Content Delivery [confidential]GRemo MeierHS 10,
Exploring Search Methods with Pulsar [confidential]MRemo MeierFS 08
Scalable Video for Peer-to-Peer Streaming [confidential]MRemo MeierFS 08
Broadcast-Authentifizierung für PulsarSStefan Schmid,
Remo Meier
SS 07