Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Roger Wattenhofer

Distributed Computing Group
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK)
Department Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)
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ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich


Theses & Labs

Current Theses & Labs

Optimal Routing for 2D Mesh-based Analog Compute-In-Memory Accelerator ArchitectureMRoger WattenhoferFS 24

Past Theses & Labs

Deep Learning for Smartphone-based Cough DetectionMRoger WattenhoferHS 21
Improving the Breathing-Phase Detection of an Interactive Breathing Training App [confidential]SRoger WattenhoferFS 21
Variance Reduction in Decentralized Training over Heterogeneous DataMRoger WattenhoferHS 20
Predicting COVID-19 Spread from Large-Scale Mobility Data [confidential]MRoger WattenhoferHS 20
Prediction of Sleep Quality from Smartphone Sound RecordingsSRoger WattenhoferHS 20
Transparent Field Device Management for Complex Cyber-Physical Industrial Automation SystemsSRoger WattenhoferHS 20
Benchmarking of Distributed Ledger TechnologyBRoger WattenhoferFS 19
Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts for Industrial ServicesMRoger WattenhoferFS 19
Flower Mapping in Grasslands with Drones and Deep LearningMRoger WattenhoferFS 19
Self-Sovereign Identities in CardossierMRoger Wattenhofer,
Remo Meier
HS 18
NOCUST - A Non-Custodial 2nd-Layer Blockchain Payment HubMRoger WattenhoferFS 18Rami Khalil
Towards Usable Off-Chain PaymentsMRoger WattenhoferFS 18Guillaume Felley
Advancing Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology [confidential]MRoger WattenhoferHS 16
Distributed Cryptography for Blockchains [confidential]MRoger WattenhoferHS 16
Sequential Proximity - Capturing Scalable Concurrent Search Data Structures [confidential]MRoger WattenhoferHS 15
Swiss FoodQuiz: Education Effects on Nutritional Knowledge Through a Personalized Mobile Game [confidential]MRoger WattenhoferHS 15