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Ard Kastrati

Ard Kastrati

Distributed Computing Group
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK)
Department Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)
Office ETZ G 61.3
ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich

phone+41 44 63 27044
fax+41 44 63 21036


Theses & Labs

Available Theses & Labs

DeepEye: Eye Tracking with Deep LearningB/M/SArd Kastratiavailable
Foundation Learning Models for Decoding Brain ActivityB/M/SArd Kastratiavailable
Multi-modal Contrastive Learning for Emotion RecognitionM/SArd Kastratiavailable

Current Theses & Labs

Benchmarking Pretrained EEG ModelsBArd KastratiFS 24
Compute-Efficient Pretraining of Large EEG ModelsBArd KastratiFS 24
EEG CodecsSArd Kastrati,
Luca Lanzendörfer
FS 24
Deep Learning Models for Decoding Brain ActivitySArd KastratiHS 23
Deep Learning Models for Decoding Brain ActivityBArd KastratiHS 23

Past Theses & Labs

Expressions and Emotion Detection from HMD SensorsMArd KastratiFS 23
From Pixels to Nodes: A Segmentation-Driven Approach to Image ClassificationGKarolis Martinkus,
Ard Kastrati
FS 23,
Deep Learning Sensor Fusion Models in the domain of Electroencephalogram-based Eye Tracking [confidential]MArd KastratiHS 22
EEG - Eye Tracking: A Wavelet Packets ApproachSArd KastratiHS 22
On the Mental State Classification in the VSS Paradigm [confidential]MArd KastratiHS 22
Predicting Horizontal Direction of Eye Movement using Electroencephalography Data from EEGEyeNet’s Visual Symbol Search DatasetSArd KastratiHS 22
Towards Semi-Supervised Region-Learning for Electroencephalography ModelsSArd KastratiHS 22,
Jieming Li,
Algorithm Learning on OEISBPeter Belcák,
Ard Kastrati
FS 22
Data-driven Preprocessing of EEG DataMArd Kastrati,
Benjamin Estermann
FS 22
DeepEye: Eye Tracking with Deep LearningSArd KastratiFS 22
On the Generalization of Saliency Models [confidential]BArd KastratiFS 22
Pretrained Model for Understanding of Integer SequencesBPeter Belcák,
Ard Kastrati
FS 22
Abstraction and Reasoning ChallengeBArd KastratiHS 21
Benchmarking Graph Neural Networks [confidential]MBéni Egressy,
Ard Kastrati
HS 21
CloudMLS: A Cloud-based E2EE schemeMKarolis Martinkus,
Ard Kastrati
HS 21
Preprocessing of EEG Data for DL Models [confidential]SArd KastratiHS 21
A Framework for Algorithmic Learning: How Does Complexity Arise in Evolution?GArd KastratiFS 21,
OEIS Sequence Classification [confidential]SArd KastratiFS 21
Beyond Left-Right Gaze Prediction with EEG Data [confidential]BArd Kastrati,
Damian Pascual
FS 21
End to End Encryption in a Cloud-Based Messenger [confidential]SArd Kastrati,
Karolis Martinkus
FS 21
Evolutionary Methods for SequencesBArd KastratiFS 21
Preprocessing of EEG Data for Deep Learning Models [confidential]SArd Kastrati,
Damian Pascual
FS 21
Study About the Size and Quality of the EEG DatasetSArd Kastrati,
Damian Pascual
FS 21