Distributed Computing
ETH Zurich

Karolis Martinkus

Karolis Martinkus

Distributed Computing Group
Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory (TIK)
Department Electrical Engineering (D-ITET)
Office ETZ G 60.1
ETH Zurich

Gloriastrasse 35
8092 Zurich

phone+41 44 63 20429
fax+41 44 63 21036


Theses & Labs

Available Theses & Labs

Scaling Graph Neural Networks Using Differentiable TreesM/SKarolis Martinkusavailable
Topics in Graph Neural NetworksB/M/SKarolis Martinkus,
Lukas Faber

Current Theses & Labs

Distance Preserving Graph EmbeddingBKarolis MartinkusFS 21
End-to-end Encryption in a MessengerSArd Kastrati,
Karolis Martinkus
FS 21
Graph Coloring with Deep LearningSKarolis MartinkusFS 21
Ideas and Challenges in Graph Machine LearningSLukas Faber,
Karolis Martinkus
FS 21
Neural Distance Oracle for Road GraphsBKarolis MartinkusFS 21
Deep Learning: Investigation of Transformer ModelsMDamian Pascual,
Karolis Martinkus
HS 20
Reinforcement Learning for Rigid OrigamiMOliver Richter,
Karolis Martinkus
HS 20